Tour de Carnage, 2021 Edition

Tour du Carnage, 2021 Edition

The opening stages of the 2021 Tour de France has not only had spectacular racing, but crashtacular carnage.  So much that the crashes have dominated the reporting of the first three stages . Every time […]

Le Pedaleur de Charme

Hugo Koblet

Hugo Koblet popped into my head.  The Swiss rider, winner of eight national championships, six-days in Chicago and New York, medalist at the Worlds, and winner of the 1950 Giro d’Italia and 1951 Tour de […]

The LeMond Tease

LeMond Prolog Pink Downtown

I received an invite last Friday to a media event for LeMond Cycles. The event was in five days’ time.  They were going to showcase the allegedly lightest-in-class e-bikes that LeMond is building in his […]