Cyclocross Worlds and Anti-Trans Legislation Collide in Arkansas

Pride Cycling Parade

With the UCI Cyclocross Worlds arriving in Fayetteville, Arkansas on the near horizon—they’re happening January 28-30, 2022—it seems like a moment to discuss the anti-trans legislation that the state enacted in the spring of 2021.  […]

A Crit Series with City-Based Teams? Good idea. It’s been done.

National Cycle League Boston Banshees 1995

Meet the NCL To many American bike racers, it seems like a natural fit.  A criterium bike racing series based in cities.  Crits are short, fast, entertaining, and over quickly; good for the short attention […]

De-Anodizing Bike Components

I’m generally partial to silvery aluminum bike components.  Aluminum anodized black does have value–it can look great new–but certain components, most notably cranks, are easy to scratch and fade and wear and once there’s sufficient […]

Time to Kill The Olympics Monster

Olympic Rings Monster

The Olympics is a monster. Part of me wishes it can be killed off. There are so many reasons to dislike the Olympics.  I’ll start with the smaller-bore problems. I don’t like listening to athletes […]

Cav’ wins the Prix de Hugativite

When I first started following the Tour, one of the many things that surprised me about pro racing and racers was their emotions.  Compared to what I seemed to be seeing with American pro sports, […]

Tour de Carnage, 2021 Edition

Tour du Carnage, 2021 Edition

The opening stages of the 2021 Tour de France has not only had spectacular racing, but crashtacular carnage.  So much that the crashes have dominated the reporting of the first three stages . Every time […]

Le Pedaleur de Charme

Hugo Koblet

Hugo Koblet popped into my head.  The Swiss rider, winner of eight national championships, six-days in Chicago and New York, medalist at the Worlds, and winner of the 1950 Giro d’Italia and 1951 Tour de […]

The LeMond Tease

LeMond Prolog Pink Downtown

I received an invite last Friday to a media event for LeMond Cycles. The event was in five days’ time.  They were going to showcase the allegedly lightest-in-class e-bikes that LeMond is building in his […]

Wherein I Destroy Substack via an Epic Rant. Part 1

Destroy Substack via an Epic Rant

(Also posted to Substack, but don’t read it there.) Substack, I come to bury thee. As a lover of written word, this is hard.  But as a member of society, I feel the destruction of […]

Invited on a Century

invited on a century

A friend let me know in January that he was doing a fund-raising ride on May 8.  I guess I could write I was invited on a century.  It was for Padres Pedal the Cause […]