Le Pedaleur de Charme

Hugo Koblet

Hugo Koblet popped into my head.  The Swiss rider, winner of eight national championships, six-days in Chicago and New York, medalist at the Worlds, and winner of the 1950 Giro d’Italia and 1951 Tour de […]

Survey: Racers and Racing in the time of Covid

NYSBRA Covid Survey Results

The pandemic caused all sorts of realignments, many messy, life altering, and profound. The bike racing world was hit as well.  In March 2020, racers were either on the verge of starting their racing seasons, […]

Bicycle Day, April 19, is not about bicycles.

Monkeys on bicycles Just Riding Along

Figures. Bicycle Day is April 19 because on this day in 1943, Dr. Albert Hoffman, a Swiss chemist, working on behalf of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, first known for Saccharine, dosed himself with 250 micrograms of Lysergic […]

Time to mask up. They work. Tell the anti-maskers. Tell everybody.

I want to do a group ride again. Feel the speed, hear the whirring, enjoy the mental focus, the leg and lung power, the coordination, and the fun of pushing friends and fellow revelers along. […]

Setting Up for a Hot Day’s Ride (video)

Just in time for that late summer heat wave. Or just keeping the warm days cool. How to Ride in the  Heat–Prep Tips from a Roads Scholar.

Gravel Pros on Instagram

A sign of gravel bike racing’s success is how pro bike riders are getting involved. When mountain biking started gaining momentum in the early 1980s, top amateur roadies in the United States got interested in […]

Embrace The Nightmare Scenario of Self-Driving Cars

The designers and boosters are in the driver’s seat. Perspective depends on where one sits and what one needs to do. As the old adage goes, to a hammer, everything is a nail. Variations of […]

Reviewed: Pinhead City Lock Ultimate Pack

The goal is to find a lock solution for urban bike-commuting kids. Something that is safe enough to leave all day, light enough to not mind carrying on the bike or in a backpack, and […]

A Word From Our New Host

WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate […]

New Site Under Construction

It’s always a mess until it’s done. Steve Martin once said, “the secret to comedy is tiMING.” So it is with writing and publishing. This work was supposed to be done weeks ago, with a […]