Nighttime motorpacing on swiss highways

Just about every weird-seeming theory floated by friends and acquaintances in reference to Lance Armstrong and doping in Euro’ bike racing have been proven true.
Two have yet to make the jump from being nuts to true. 
The first is ‘racers dressed in black, motorpacing at night on Swiss highways.’  Not sure if this was how dopers protected themselves from dying in their sleep, their means for avoiding testers, keeping sort-of true to their ADAMS whereabouts forms, top-secret training suggested by Dr. Ferrari, or if there is something else to it.  Michael Rasmussen was sacked by his Rabobank team for being spotted in Italy when he was supposed to be in Mexico.  Maybe this is what he should have been doing.
The second is ‘EPO on cornflakes.’  I think the idea here is that it’s a better way to take the drug.  Better than subcutaneous shots, better than shooting into your veins.  Maybe it’s just easier for those who don’t want track marks or are sick of needles. 
Pay attention.  They just might turn out to be true.  

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