New Site Under Construction

It’s always a mess until it’s done. Steve Martin once said, “the secret to comedy is tiMING.” So it is with writing and publishing. This work was supposed to be done weeks ago, with a […]

The Second Edition of Tour Fever is Out and Ready for Reading

Tour fever cover

It’s that time of year.   You’ve got the fever.   You want more.  You need more.  Tour Fever is here to answer those questions, slake that thirst, grow that pallet so that the taste you’re […]

Forget Mechanical Doping: The Tech Story of the 2016 Cyclocross Worlds Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Yes, the motorized bike found in the pits at the 2016 Cyclocross World Championships in Zolder, Belgium is a big deal.  However, it was caught during the race and it didn’t, so far as anyone […]

Can’t Stop Disc Brakes

Is it performance or fatalism? Road bikes are going to get disc brakes. This much has been clear for the past few years.    But there’s much to suggest the reason is fatalism, not better […]

Kale is SO over. InterBike 2014

Always looking for the next hot vegetable? When it comes to bikelandia, and the kales of bike gear, I searched InterBike 2014 for clues as to what could be the new kale., What I found […]

Problems With This Testosterone TUE

Let’s stipulate there’s a racer out there who feels tired.  He blames it on his work.  But when he changes his job, he’s still tired. He goes to a doctor.  The doctor comes up with […]

Dials are the New Black–Interbike 2013

Velcro is so 2012. I dutifully made the pilgrimmage to InterBike.  I sweated out my salt in the desert. I rode bikes, I walked, I talked, I listened, I drank gallons of electrolyte beverage, I […]

Malcolm Gladwell Isn’t Really Trying

Malcolm Gladwell’s writing doesn’t break a sweat. His game is taking complicated-seeming ideas and, over the course of a breezy tour, reducing them to fairly simple explanations. It’s a great skill and an act that […]

Homemade Vuelta Tracker, with streaming, Infostrada and LUG

  I’ve enjoyed the “tourtracker” feature that the Amgen Tour of California and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge have provided through their websites.  You get streaming video as well as text updates and an updating […]

Read Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat

  Doping is not going away. It’s everywhere in sport and has been around for longer than most realize. I find the dismissive wave of “everyone’s doing it,” both overly simplistic and entirely missing the […]