People actually died from cancer before Lance beat it “fair and square”?

Sally Jenkins doesn’t just like Lance Armstrong, but (spoiler alert!) loves him, according to her latest gush in the Washington Post. And she’s pretty proud of how she can still love him when the public […]

The softer side of Omertà

Recently, Dutch mag AD Sportwereld took a brutal tack to get to the bottom of who was doping in cycling in the 1990s and early 2000s. They called up all the Dutch pro riders who […]

The Un-Redacted: Other-7

Rick Crawford outed himself the other day.  If anyone bothered to read Levi Leipheimer’s affidavit and knew who Crawford was, the admission was unnecessary.  In some respects, it’s puzzling that he took so long to step […]

SPF in a Jersey?

When clothing manufacturers report on the SPF, sun protection factor, in an item of clothing, I usually laugh.  Seems absurd.  I’ve never gotten sunburn through an item of clothing in my life.  It’s like calling […]