They built a bike path across the New Tappan Zee Bridge. They don’t want you to use it.

Want might be strong. But design reveals intentions. Law made it that the new Tappan Zee Bridge would have a bike path across the span. While not everyone will see a three-mile long bridge with a climb in it a ride they want to do, it opens up commuting possibilities for people on both sides of the span, particularly for people who want to ride to the Tarrytown Metro-North train station to continue commuting to New York City via train, and has the potential to reduce car and bus traffic, which is a plus for everybody.

However, the terminus on the South Nyack side wasn’t designed with access in mind, and that the path will be closed at night further limits the benefits of the path.

The South Nyack side has 5mph speed limit signs as well as gates that riders will have to dismount and push open by hand.

While drivers will be able to cross the bridge 24 hours a day, the current plan is to close the bike path at night, something ridiculous but currently tolerated at the George Washington Bridge.

If you think this should be better, you can follow this link to read more and write the governor.



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