Setting Up for a Hot Day’s Ride (video)

Just in time for that late summer heat wave.
Or just keeping the warm days cool.

How to Ride in the  Heat–Prep Tips from a Roads Scholar.

One thought on “Setting Up for a Hot Day’s Ride (video)”

  1. Avid cyclist but also serial skin cancer survivor. I use a brim mounted to my helmet made be Da Brim company. I use Coolibar sports long sleeve shirts that are UPF 50 rated. I also use Coolibar sports pants also rated to UPF 50. I wear Leather hardware store work gloves to keep my hands and wrists out of the sun. I don’t use sunscreen for much of anything. As far as pants and long sleeve shirts the pants do feel like they are a little hotter than shorts while riding bicycle. The long sleeve sports shirts may actually be a little cooler than short sleeve shirts. Your advice on hydration is excellent. The last two years have been really hot here in California and I’m going to mount a couple of old school handlebar water bottle mounts to bring my total to 4 carried bottles.

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