Wherein I Destroy Substack via an Epic Rant. Part 1

Destroy Substack via an Epic Rant

(Also posted to Substack, but don’t read it there.) Substack, I come to bury thee. As a lover of written word, this is hard.  But as a member of society, I feel the destruction of […]

Invited on a Century

invited on a century

A friend let me know in January that he was doing a fund-raising ride on May 8.  I guess I could write I was invited on a century.  It was for Padres Pedal the Cause […]

Survey: Racers and Racing in the time of Covid

NYSBRA Covid Survey Results

The pandemic caused all sorts of realignments, many messy, life altering, and profound. The bike racing world was hit as well.  In March 2020, racers were either on the verge of starting their racing seasons, […]